February 9, 2009

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Tinkering with the blog setup

So for the (all of 3) regular readers of this lovely blog, you’ll notice I have changed things up a bit, as I tend to do every six months to a year. Changes are as follows:

  • Upgraded to Serendipity 1.4
  • Template changed to this nice blue
  • Added bigger Twitter feed box
  • Added Twitter feed for John (@SnhoJ)
  • Added Xbox Live Gamertag’s for myself (ShakataGaNai) and John (Shoon Springs)
  • I made a purdy logo for the site
I personally noticed some oddity with having two twitter boxes, but it seems to have disappeared. If anyone also has issues with them, or anything else on the site, I’d appreciate it if you let me know. Standard contact rules apply (Email, Blog Comment or Twitter).

And yes, I know John is suddenly showing up a lot on the right hand side, I’m trying to guilt him into writing more.