May 8, 2009

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Ride Friday: Calaveras Reservoir

General Area: Past the Calaveras Reservoir — Sunol to Milpitas

Difficulty: Advanced Riders

Ride Length: 15 Miles (Up to 1 Hour)

Scenery: Up on a hill side overlooking the Reservoir or strolling through some farm lands.

Special Notes: I don’t recommend this ride to anyone just starting riding (or just getting back to riding). I’m by no means an expert on the motorcycle and I know that I wouldn’t want to do this ride again with out several thousand more miles under my belt. On top of that this ride is extremely dangerous. Most of it is hair pin turns, 10 mph speed limit, single lane wide (With both directions of traffic) and dirty (rock/etc covered) roads.

Comments: I had taken this drive (via automobile) once before, and apparently forgotten how unfriendly the road was. The view is really fantastic, but I was busy trying to keep myself alive on the motorcycle. I scraped the pegs at least once on the cruiser and I was riding EXTREMELY conservatively, so I think the ride might be better suited to sport bikes. Additionally I did nearly end up as the hood ornament for a car, at no fault of anyone in particular. We were both approaching (at a reasonable speed) a blind corner on a road that is just slightly more than a single lane wide — bad luck on the timing. So in summary…. if you want a very challenging ride, go for it, but don’t even think about it in inclement weather (unless your significant other is the beneficiary of a rather large life insurance policy).