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A month down! 0

A month down!

Well January has come to a close (at least as far as it has to do with blogging Monday through Friday) and we made it. Some of the posts might have been a little bit delayed, then there was the server issue that took us offline for a bit and there was that entire DNS mishap which took the blog offline for half a day. All in all, we made...

iPad. Biggest. Flop. Ever. 29

iPad. Biggest. Flop. Ever.

If you haven’t heard about the iPad yet, you live under a rock on Venus. Even my mother heard about it. That being said, I think this product is one of the biggest flops in recent history. Sure, there have been massive flops in the past, but I can’t think of anything this made of fail in the last year or two. If you read the news or twitter, you’ll...

Mass Effect 2 – The First Hour 0

Mass Effect 2 – The First Hour

Mass Effect 2 came out yesterday. Jon and I both preordered long ago and were quite happy to receive our release day deliveries from Amazon (Prime, FTW). I have only played an hour or two thus far but here’s what I think, and yes there will be spoilers.

Disaster Prep: Tools 1

Disaster Prep: Tools

This post is part of a series on disaster preparedness. Each entry will cover one part of the preparations I’m making for a “disaster kit”, along with why I’m including the items, how important they are, and how much it cost. See the initial posting for more details. In the case of a natural disaster, probably the most important thing to have directly after the disaster strikes is some tools....

Lifetime game subscription – Is it worth it? 0

Lifetime game subscription – Is it worth it?

Recently, I’ve been playing the Star Trek Online open beta. During this time they announced the availability of 12 month subscriptions and “lifetime subscriptions”. I understand why they do this from a business perspective, after all developing an MMO costs a lot of money and if you can recoup $240 a person now instead of 18 months down the line, all the better. But what about from the player’s point...