January 1, 2010

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New Year, New Schedule, Same awesome blog

Happy 2010! We made it through the decade of the shitty name. I mean, what do you call 2000-2009? “The Zero’s”, “The O’s”? I don’t remember hearing one good name for it. At least now we’re into “The Teens”, and that is something I can get behind.

We (John and myself) have managed to keep on a 3 post a week (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday) schedule since May of last year. Nine (9!) Months of on schedule posting isn’t half bad, especially since the few months before that was a very irregular “schedule” (for certain very loose definitions of schedule), and the end of last year it was almost no posts at all (Some months like August & October ‘08 were as low as 1-2 posts a month). So we’re very proud of ourselves, it might not be a huge achievement, but for us it is damn fine site (pun intended) to see.

So since it is the new year, and we’ve been doing so well, I figured it was worth a change in schedule. Starting now, I’m going to ramp it up to 5 posts a week (A post every weekday). I’m not exactly sure how it will work out, but it is worth a shot. If it is too much work, or we fail to maintain the schedule, February will see the return of 3 days a week. The key for success will be, of course, me being not lazy and actually writing on a regular basis. It’s good for me, not that I’m very good at it.

Go forth and look forward to more posts!