Monthly Archive: August 2010

Hard to buy books via Brick & Mortar 2

Hard to buy books via Brick & Mortar

This weekend I randomly wandered my way into the local Borders to burn some time.  While I was there I found three books that caught my eye: The Official Ubuntu Server Book, LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell and the Chobits Omnibus (Book 1).  Even though I love myself some Amazon, I am still all for supporting the local brick and mortar businesses.  If I need a book post haste,...

Adding a Roku to a Logitech Harmony Remote 68

Adding a Roku to a Logitech Harmony Remote

I got a Roku HD player from recently and, as with any electronic device for displaying content on your television, it came with a remote. I have a refurbished Logitech Harmony 880 remote that I use to control all of my devices so after verifying that the Roku worked (and adding my Netflix, Amazon Video, and Flickr accounts to it), I decided to add it to my remote’s repertoire.

The Kindle 3 Has Arrived! 1

The Kindle 3 Has Arrived!

Yesterday, much to my glee, the new Wifi only version or a Kindle DX, I know this one won’t be returned to Amazon.  I’ve had more than enough time to get a good idea of how the Kindle 3 works, and how it compares to the Kindle 2, so I thought it was time to share.

WebDAV Client – Windows 7 4

WebDAV Client – Windows 7

Since I’ve already got Linux & OSX talking to my LDAP/WebDAV enabled Apache, I needed to finish my trifecta… Windows. Specifically, Windows 7. I had heard that it is possible to map WebDAV shares as network drives, just like you would with Samba. Of course, what you hear, what you hope for, and what Windows actually lets you do aren’t always the same (and usually ends with pain).

WebDAV Clients – Linux & OSX 0

WebDAV Clients – Linux & OSX

After getting LDAP, Apache & WebDAV working together in perfect harmony, I needed to get clients accessing the “shares” I was setting up.  Fortunately Linux & OSX make this extremely easy.  Windows… is another story, a story which can only be told… tomorrow.