August 25, 2010

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WebDAV Clients – Linux & OSX

After getting LDAP, Apache & WebDAV working together in perfect harmony, I needed to get clients accessing the “shares” I was setting up.  Fortunately Linux & OSX make this extremely easy.  Windows… is another story, a story which can only be told… tomorrow.

To connect to a WebDAV share under OSX:

  • Finder
  • Go
  • Connect to Server
  • Enter your URL — The same as you’d use in a browser (IE: )
  • Connect
  • Enter your Username & Password (provided it is required — just like the web browser)
  • Connect — That’s it!

To connect to a WebDAV share under Linux (Ubuntu 10.04):

  • Places
  • Connect to Server
  • Service type: WebDAV
  • Fill in Port and Folder
  • Connect — That’s it!