Futzing with a Cr-48/Chromebook

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  1. Arnaud ZIEBA says:

    Thanks for this review, esp. because I wanted to know a bit more about the terminal in default mode.
    I think it won’t be to long before I give it a try since to me and after having read a couple of reviews, it sounds more like a beefed-up tablet of some previously unknown genre with a keyboard all synced in the cloud. And since you can also do development (to a certain extent) over there, that’s all I wanted.
    Arnaud Ziéba

  1. 2011-07-11

    […] really quite excited to get them and give them a spin. While I recently spent a bit of time futzing with a Cr-48 Chromebook, I found that it seemed to cross over with my usage of my Xoom tablet. So I asked myself, if I only […]

  2. 2013-04-09

    […] Firefox). As such, the idea of the Chromebook has always appealed to me. Previously, I got my hands on a Cr-48 and took the Acer AC700 for a spin. So when the Chromebook Pixel was announced, I was quite […]

  3. 2013-04-22

    […] that I’m going to avoid covering any of the software side in this post. Two years ago I played with the Cr-48 and focused on the software in the review. Since ChromeOS has come a long way since then, I’m […]

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