June 10, 2013

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WWDC is here – Goodies abound

In just a few minutes, the yearly Apple World Wide Developer Conference (aka WWDC) will be starting. If you’re into that sort of thing, you should probably be watching Engadget’s Liveblog. I’ve been looking forward to WWDC2013 because I’ve got a few hopes and desires for this year’s announcements.

MacBook Air Upgrade — My biggest hope, and one that I’m sure will happen, is for a refresh of the MacBook Air. A retina screen would be nice, but honestly just a general upgrade is all I want. More RAM, faster CPU, etc. I also happen to be 99% sure a refresh is happening because A) Rumors and B) I could not buy a halfway decent MBA from the Apple store for the last 2 weeks. They ran down the supplies in ALL the Bay Area stores.

Mac Pro Major Overhaul — Yeah, the Mac Pro’s got upgraded fairly recently, but it was somewhat depressing. I’d like to see Apple really kick the Mac Pro up about a dozen notches. I know desktops aren’t popular or sexy, but a lot of us have desks with many screens and desire horsepower. Right now my “Desktop” is a MacBook Pro Retina — it has never moved away from my desk. I’ve got a MBA for laptop purposes.

802.11ac Everywhere — Ever since I had a chance to go to the Broadcom 802.11ac release event, I’ve been awaiting the introduction of “Gigabit wifi” into major enterprise and consumer goods. My Galaxy S4 has ac, but it would be much more helpful if my laptop and access points did.

Please Santa Tim Cook, deliver us some cool things.