March 31, 2016

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Support your favorite author – Buy the book week one

Reading is one of many enjoyable pastimes and we’ve talked about books once or twice here on the blog. However, this week I learned something new, care of one of John’s favorite authors, Myke Cole. As it turns out, book releases are graded munch like the release of the newest blockbuster movie (even though the two formats really have very little in common). You always hear about the “opening weekend” numbers for the movies, as that’s a very large indicator of the movie’s success. In the world of books, while not as heavily advertised, the first week is critical. In Myke’s own words, if you want to help your favorite author you need to “preorder it or buy it in the first week” (it being the author’s latest book). The better the first week numbers, the better the chances your favorite author will get another deal with the publisher for more books. Really it’s a win/win scenario for everyone.

Don’t forget, ebooks don’t take up any extra weight on your favorite reader! So it’s okay if you have to carry it around for an extra month or two.