Monthly Archive: May 2017


Selecting a 3D Printer

The field of Additive Manufacturing at Home, aka 3D Printers isn’t terribly new. However it is still a field in which it’s new to most people. It’s also a field that is very rapidly evolving. Therefore the hardest part for me to write is “which 3d printer to pick” because by the time you likely read this, there will be other new options to consider. So rather than telling you...


Down the 3D printing rabbit hole: a background

For those of you who happen to follow me on various social medias may have noticed a ton of Instagram posts as of late regarding 3D Printing. It makes for great writing material. A number of you have strongly requested more details, as it is my style to share my journey, this begins a series on 3D Printing. Let’s start with my background on 3D printing (or lack there of)...