May 30, 2017

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Down the 3D printing rabbit hole: a background

For those of you who happen to follow me on various social medias may have noticed a ton of Instagram posts as of late regarding 3D Printing. It makes for great writing material. A number of you have strongly requested more details, as it is my style to share my journey, this begins a series on 3D Printing.

Let’s start with my background on 3D printing (or lack there of) and what I’m going for.

If it wasn’t obvious, I have basically no experience in the ways of 3D Printing. Probably the closest you could call real printing experience is my love for building things with Lego’s. I have done much research and reading in the past, but I never bought anything. Why not? Well, money is always a factor but mostly I wanted it to be useful. Checking youtube will find you a bunch of videos titled things like “My Top 5 Useful 3D Prints” and “5 Awesome and Useful 3D Prints!!!”. Except when I watch them I see a bunch of one time or less than applicable (to me) final products. More on that in a bit.

So lots of research. Thought it was cool. Never bought it. What changed? Maker Faire and pricing. A week or so ago saw Maker Faire 2017 pass through the Bay Area. It was, as usual, very awesome. It’s an experience hard to describe other than, if you like even the concept of DIY, you can’t go wrong. One of the things I saw at the Faire was the Ono3D which is a small form factor resin based printer that recently graduated Kickstarter and is shipping for just $99. For that price I just couldn’t pass up 3D printers any longer. While my credit card was ready to go, they unfortunately weren’t shipping until June.

Even more unfortunately the 3D printer bug had bitten me fully that day, so I went home and looked for other options. Next time on Selecting a Printer!