September 13, 2017

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Now AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional!

I’m happy to report that just shy of two years after I posted that I’m an AWS Certified Solutions Architect! (Associates level), that I’ve now leveled up to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional level! As my AWS experience has hit the roughly 5 year mark (and my associates was expiring) it turned out to be an opportune time for an upgrade. There isn’t much I can say that I didn’t say in my previous post — other than the professional level test is much more challenging. Once again I used CloudAcademy to help study up on the services (since you need to know them all) and detailed bits I don’t use everyday. I was quite pleased with the information that CloudAcademy had and it did a great job prep’ing me for the test.

Now I feel like I should build some infinitely scalable, inexpensive, highly available, extra secure web service… because I can… just for fun.