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Blog Go Boom 1

Blog Go Boom

So as you may have noticed, my blog got beaten to death yesterday by Digg. It was my own fault of course, but it was a hilarious experiment none the less. I’m taking my weekend off to relax, and play some Halo 3. I’ll be back on Monday with something new and interesting, I promse. As for my server… I thought I’d share a quick run down of some of...

Digg makes baby Apache cry 0

Digg makes baby Apache cry

Yea. My little digg experiment worked. Too well… Digg keeps crashing apache. I keep restarting it. Be patient. Update – 2007-09-28 @ 16:43 While I’m still getting a good amount of traffic from Digg, Apache hasn’t crashed in a few hours. I’ll keep an eye on things, but it seems like the worst is over. Please don’t tell /. about me.

The internet is for…. 0

The internet is for….

…Bots. You thought I was going to say porn, didn’t you? Well obviously the internet isn’t for porn, its for bots. God damn my site has been hammered to hell the last couple months. I made some more ban changed mid last week, namely banning the entire internet. If you are reading this, you are in one of a dozen countries that I specifically allow to access my site. I’ve...

UK Terror Plot & Ban on Liquid 0

UK Terror Plot & Ban on Liquid

So for those of you living under a rock, there was a terror plot in the UK that was foiled. The problem is that they were going to use liquid’s for the bomb, so the UK has banned carry ons. In the US they banned all liquids. I was watching Anderson Cooper 360°, and some of the peoples reactions were truly amusing. There was a lady on the show that...

Rain is Good 0

Rain is Good

This evening on my way home I looked up at the sky and thought “a storm is coming”. It wasn’t anything overt that really gave it away, its simply that once you live somewhere long enough you learn the weather. Of course this evening we got some lightning, the part that was surprising is that we didn’t loose power. An hour latter I smelt something wafting in from the outside…...