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Happy Pun-kin Day!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating or just generally being terribly puny.

Vitriol posts are an interesting thing. 0

Vitriol posts are an interesting thing.

Let me share a bit of history for those that don’t know me. When I was young, that is to say very, very young (IE up to about 2nd grade), I was a very angry child. I was what they call a “Roman candle”, the littlest spark would set me off into a huge storm of rage. By about 3rd grade I realized this was a problem (yes, my little...

BRB versus AFK 4

BRB versus AFK

I often find myself thinking about the most random things. Sometimes, afterward, I worry about how much time I’ve actually spent thinking about these mostly random topics. Though who cares, right? Today, you get to join me in my random wanderings around the mind of me, because I feel like sharing and by some deity or other you can’t stop me. Ok, so you could close the window, but where’s...

Why bother buying local? 1

Why bother buying local?

This is a serious question I’m grappling with today. I went to the local camera store and saw a lens for my Nikon that I really wanted. They told me it was $400, ok, no big deal. I checked Amazon while still in the store and it was $336. How can I in good conscience spend more just to get it in a store? If I spend $4 extra, I...

Blog Go Boom 1

Blog Go Boom

So as you may have noticed, my blog got beaten to death yesterday by Digg. It was my own fault of course, but it was a hilarious experiment none the less. I’m taking my weekend off to relax, and play some Halo 3. I’ll be back on Monday with something new and interesting, I promse. As for my server… I thought I’d share a quick run down of some of...