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Need to focus? Enjoy some 0

Need to focus? Enjoy some

We live in a world with tons of distractions. Trying to get into the “flow” is hard enough without your phone, IM, or email trying to get your attention… then suddenly the wail of a passing fire engine completely derails you. If you work in an “open office” (like I did until recently) possibly the single most common sight is that of people wearing headphones. What do/should you listen to...

Two full charges with the Pebble Time 0

Two full charges with the Pebble Time

Thursday, a week ago, I received my shiny new Pebble Time in red. It was quite exciting to receive; I had been looking forward to playing with it since the Kickstarter. While I had an original Pebble, I didn’t wear it much for a variety of reasons. I’m betting $200 that version 2 will have worked out all the major flaws and provide a much better experience.

Blog: Review: Chromebook Pixel 2015 0

Blog: Review: Chromebook Pixel 2015

A few weeks ago the new Chromebook Pixel 2015 showed up to an excited unboxing. I’m happy to report it’s basically exactly what I expected the unit would be. After getting my hands on the CR-48, the Acer AC700, and spending a fairly significant amount time with the Chromebook Pixel (First Genearation), I’m well versed in what to expect out of Chromebooks. The Pixel keeps up the proud tradition of...

Review:  Dell XPS 13 (2015) w/ Touch 0

Review: Dell XPS 13 (2015) w/ Touch

This week at the office we got in a couple “Dell XPS 13s with touch”. The unit is a follow up to the previous generation of Dell XPS 13, which I had affectionately nicknamed the “Dellbook Air”. Thus far I have been pleasantly surprised with the current generation, whereas the previous generation I did not care for or use for very long.

Quick Review: Jot Script (Evernote) Stylus 2

Quick Review: Jot Script (Evernote) Stylus

Even with the failure of the Pencil by Fifty Three on my “Go Paperless” kick, I remained undeterred. Second on the docket, was Penultimate by Evernote and the Jot Script (Evernote edition). I was most excited by trying this combo out since it seemed express built for my purposes. Plus, my end goal is my digital life in Evernote, so what better than an app (and stylus) designed specifically for...