Quick Review: Jot Script (Evernote) Stylus

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  1. Robin Hall says:

    I too am in Evernote’s thrall so keen to maximise it with an overlapping note taker on the iPad. I’ve recently acquired the Jot Script 2 and while my experiences of palm rejection on Penultimate are the same as above I have found the drift feature to be very effective at note taking. The JS2 is not a world changing experiencing but it is better than the old rubber tipped stylus.

  2. Hi Jon. I’m a huge Evernote user too. With the exact same “go paperless” motivation you have, I recently tried the Jot Script. There are some very negative reviews for it on Amazon, but some very positive ones too. Sadly, my experience was exactly the same as yours — or rather the resulting writing looks about the same!. I put on my carpal-tunnel wrist protector to get around the lack of palm-rejection functionality, but the lag in the stylus couldn’t keep up with my writing. It worked well if I slowed my writing way down, but then that made the stylus useless to me as I needed it for fast note-taking in meetings. Too bad. Good thing Amazon has a painless return policy!

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