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Review: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard

Recently Kinesis released the Freestyle Edge which is a new mechanical version of their previous “Freestyle2” split keyboard (which was membrane based). While the Freestyle Edge is advertised for gamers, I think any serious user should seriously consider it. It has most of the critically important features you see on all “ergonomic” keyboards today including split angels, tenting and a lot of adjustability.


Living Room perfection with NVIDIA SHIELD TV

For cord cutters like myself, TV entertainment has been dead for years. I bought a TV out of instinct; every living room I’ve seen has a couch and a TV. Netflix and YouTube lived on my lovely desktop monitors, which allowed for multitasking and not actually watching that video content. However, my living room life changed when I came across the Roku 3 box. This wonderful box allowed me to...

Identical Docker, Identical OS – Crashing on 50% of the Hardware 0

Identical Docker, Identical OS – Crashing on 50% of the Hardware

Gather round l’il ones and let old man Jon tell you a little story about the time he learned to never say never. Twas not terribly long ago when he was trying to spin up a fleet of Squid Proxies. Being the hip DevOps guru he is, the proxies were stored safely inside of Docker containers. Those containers were all pulled from the same single source, so they were identical...

Thoughts on use of the Apple TV (2015) in the Enterprise 0

Thoughts on use of the Apple TV (2015) in the Enterprise

Last week, as I was spending quality time with the 4th generation Apple TV, I was brainstorming about potential corporate uses for the unit. It might seem like a strange activity, but the Apple TV already has a number of non-media apps on the tvOS App store. An app like Zillow or Airbnb might be a little strange at first, but when you think about sharing your research with your...

Quick First Look: Onion Omega 0

Quick First Look: Onion Omega

Back in April I backed a Kickstarter for the Onion Omega. It’s another new hardware development platform centered around the Internet Of Things. While I’ve already got Raspberry Pi and Arduino aplenty, the Omega caught my eye as being a really nice blend of both worlds. Arduino is actually very hard to use for standalone IoT because it’s not fast enough to support SSL; it also requires you program in...