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RadioShack wants to get back to their DIY roots? 0

RadioShack wants to get back to their DIY roots?

A week or so ago, RadioShack (yes, The Shack) posted a blog entry entitled “RadioShack & The DIY Community: You Talked, We’re Listening“. The post is mostly a video from their brand manager which says they want to get back to their Do-It-Yourself roots. More importantly, they want their readers/customers to respond with what type of products RadioShack should be carrying to help this new DIY thing. Basically the post...

Arduino Makes Halloween Better! 1

Arduino Makes Halloween Better!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a fun holiday where people get to mess around, have a good time… and family isn’t involved. For me, since about middle school, it’s been all about the decorating. I’ve done a lot of different decoration effects over the years, once I went as far as turning our 3 car garage into an haunted house once. This year wasn’t quite so...

Arduino & USB = Dangerous 7

Arduino & USB = Dangerous

One of the many little tidbits of advice I found when reading up on Arduino was to protect your computer’s USB port. By that I mean buy a powered USB hub to plug the Arduino into. That way if you do something epicly stupid, you’d burn out a USB hub, instead of your computer’s USB ports. I thought that while this was a fair idea, I need not bother. After...

Review: Getting Started with Arduino (Book) 1

Review: Getting Started with Arduino (Book)

Since I’ve gotten onto my Arduino kick, I figured I should get some proper reading material on the subject. One of the first I saw was Getting Started with Arduino by Make: Magazine. Since “Getting Started” is exactly what I wanted and I rather like most of what Make does, I bought and read the book.

Getting into Arduino 3

Getting into Arduino

Recently, I’ve discovered that which is known as Arduino. Basically, it is an open source, open hardware microcontroller. They give you the software and the hardware plans online and you can build your own. Of course, you can always buy a premade kit (which is my preference). So… what does this “microcontroller” do? Basically it controls simple input and output on a low level. You want to make something turn...