Getting into Arduino

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  1. wil says:

    Very interesting — and I’ve been thinking about this topic myself as well. I’ve been getting into constructing these voice macros with a tool called Vocola so that I can say something like “search Google for spider food” and it will open a browser and returned the search results. That got me thinking that it would be nice to do all sorts of things via voice, like walk into a room and say “lights on” or “kill intruder.”

    I presume this thing is running its own operating system, if the term can even be applied, and probably can’t have voice recognition software installed on it… yet.

  2. John says:

    I’ve been wanting to learn more about Arduinos for awhile; I’m looking forward to see how your own experiments go.

  1. 2010-10-20

    […] I’ve gotten onto my Arduino kick, I figured I should get some proper reading material on the subject. One of the first I saw was […]

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