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Installing nginx 1.9.7 on Ubuntu 15.04 / 15.10 0

Installing nginx 1.9.7 on Ubuntu 15.04 / 15.10

Historically I’ve been one for the LAMP stack. However over the past year or two I’ve spent a lot more time working with new fun technologies like Node.JS and Meteor. While there is nothing wrong with running these applications inside the LAMP world, some things like Websockets just don’t work well with Apache. As such I’ve been exploring the dark and dangerous world of nginx. Being one to love the...

Simple and automatic Github deployment using PHP 1

Simple and automatic Github deployment using PHP

If you’re like me, every project you work on worth anything gets put in GitHub. It’s safe and you get all the benefits of using Git. Of course those benefits include deployment hooks, if you’ve got the system setup for it. On small projects it may seem like it’s more hassle to setup deployment hooks, after all SFTP is simple enough, however it’s actually quite easy to do and only...

Ubuntu Edge – Not even close 0

Ubuntu Edge – Not even close

A little over a month ago we talked about the launch of the Ubuntu Edge indiegogo campaign. At that point I was highly skeptical that the campaign would meet the halfway point. Well, last week the funding closed and it was not even close.

Ubuntu Edge – PR ploy or real shot? 0

Ubuntu Edge – PR ploy or real shot?

Earlier today Canonical, the corporate overlords behind Ubuntu, launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge. At a goal of $32 million USD, it is by far the largest crowd funding project I’ve ever heard of. Combine that with a tight deadline of exactly 30 days, Canonical has to raise over $1 million USD per day, for a phone.

AWS SES + Postfix + DKIM 0

AWS SES + Postfix + DKIM

For the last year or so I’ve been using SendGrid to relay all emails coming from my server. I don’t send a lot of emails through the system; it’s mostly notifications from the blog and a few related automated messages. While I like paid version of SendGrid (which I’ve used at work), the free version is lacking a few features and includes an unsubscribe link on emails which is really...