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Google Container Registry: Simple tagging alternatives

A few months back I migrated my Docker container image hosting from my private GitLab instance over to Google Cloud Container Registry (GCR.io). It has an included build system that can be triggered by commits to GitHub (and other Git repo’s). It doesn’t do anything too complicated out of the gate, but it’s great for containers related to static sites.


Now AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional!

I’m happy to report that just shy of two years after I posted that I’m an AWS Certified Solutions Architect! (Associates level), that I’ve now leveled up to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional level! As my AWS experience has hit the roughly 5 year mark (and my associates was expiring) it turned out to be an opportune time for an upgrade. There isn’t much I can say that...


3D Printing: Knurled brass inserts using a heat gun

In my current quest of building the Hypercube Evolution, one of the early and critical steps is putting in the knurled brass inserts into the 3D printed parts. These inserts are the receptacle for screws/bolts that would otherwise chew up the plastic you’ve printed. The standard instructions are to use a soldering iron but I wanted something with a little more accuracy so I used a heat gun. It works...


Hypercube Evolution Build Log – Starting out

After the adventure that is learning about and buying a 3D printer, then learning how to print the hard way, I was left wanting more. Kit printers are a great start and I knew there were many options for upgrades. However the more I researched the upgrades, the more I wanted to understand 3D printing better from the ground up. Only one way to do that… the hard way …...


Kubernetes 1.6 – Taints and Tolerances for monitoring your cluster

At the office we use Datadog for monitoring our production systems, so when I spun up a test Kubernetes cluster (running Tectonic) I wanted to monitor using the same tool. Unfortunately the initial deploy of the Datadog agent didn’t work quite as well I was hoping. While I used their stock Kubernetes YAML as prescribed by the knowledgebase, it did not cover monitoring the Master nodes. Datadog support suggested I...