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Taking Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” for a spin

Sadly it’s been quite sometime that I’ve tried to spend any amount of time on a Linux desktop for fun (rather than work), even the general Linux category here on the blog is fairly dust ridden. In the proccess of starting this entry I realized that my last “going for a spin” post was from Ubuntu 12.04 and the last post about Linux Mint was about KDE & Superkeys in...



For whatever reason, SquareSpace thought it was a good advertising campaign to tweet suggestions of a bunch of Super Bowl-ish related domain names. I saw HoustonWeHaveAWinner.com come up so I promptly bought it (Through Name.com – of course). No particular reason or use but any time a company tweets a domain name that isn’t actually registered – it’s free advertising. Several of the other suggestions they made are also registered...


Connecting a HID Prox Pro II RFID reader to Arduino

Arduino based RFID reader projects are a dime a dozen. It’s great and wonderful how plentiful and easy they are. Checking out Adafruit or Sparkfun one can find dozens of cheap components that are almost ready to go. The common factor is that they are all 13.56Mhz or Mifare compatible. Nominally this means cheap (And plentiful) components and fobs, but it also means that the systems aren’t compatible with most...


America, please calm down

Look, America, it’s time to chill out. All this nonsense that’s been going on since the election needs to stop. There is absolutely no reason for the protesting, looting, assault, harassment, and rioting. You aren’t doing anything constructive and as a whole are doing far more damage to the country than any single person has done to date.


Happy Pun-kin Day!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating or just generally being terribly puny.