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MediaWiki spam is such a headache 2

MediaWiki spam is such a headache

MediaWiki, like any other popular software product (that accepts user input), has become a massive target for spam. Now I’m not talking about vandals running around on Wikipedia trying to convince you that African Elephant population has tripled in 6 months. I’m talking about plain old spammers. Just like email spammers and comment spammers on blogs. These automated bots run around and slam small wikis with all sorts of dumb...

Spotting comment spam 1

Spotting comment spam

Here at Snowulf, we get a LOT of comment spam.  On average we receive 48 spam comments a day (Thanks Akismet for the stats), most of these are to old articles and immediately dropped.  However, a few are to newer articles and we manually review them.  Most are fairly obviously spam, with links to hideous domain names or text that just makes no sense.  On rare occasion a spam message...