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Goodbye AT&T, Hello Sonic.net 0

Goodbye AT&T, Hello Sonic.net

The alternate title for this post is “Internet usage caps can kiss my ass” because that’s what prompted this post, but first a little backstory. Many people have had issues with big teleco (and specifically AT&T) provided internet and would assume that I loathe them for the same reasons, but I do not. I’ve had AT&T DSL since I got my first place in Nevada in 2003. I’ve moved a...

Ok AT&T, I’m offically sick of you 2

Ok AT&T, I’m offically sick of you

Look, I understand that cell phones are imperfect devices.  Hell, everything computerized is imperfect.  That being what it is, I only have so much patience and I’ve reached my limit with AT&T Wireless.  They suck, and they drive me up a mother loving wall.  All I want to do is be able to make a bloody phone call, and I can’t.  For years, I’ve accepted a multitude of dropped calls...

Video: First impressions of the Nexus One (AT&T) 0

Video: First impressions of the Nexus One (AT&T)

As I previously promised/threatened: more videos. Here’s my first impressions of the Nexus One after about 12 hours of playing with it. The video is short, just 5 minutes. I move fairly quick and don’t show off a lot of depth, but I’ll cover more detailed aspects down the road in separate videos. (Click to watch in high-def)