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Down the 3D printing rabbit hole: a background

For those of you who happen to follow me on various social medias may have noticed a ton of Instagram posts as of late regarding 3D Printing. It makes for great writing material. A number of you have strongly requested more details, as it is my style to share my journey, this begins a series on 3D Printing. Let’s start with my background on 3D printing (or lack there of)...


Cruising the Mexican Riviera 2017 – Day 0 – Background

At the beginning of this month I embarked on my first cruise as an adult. My previous cruise I was 10 years old, so I don’t really count it. As such I consider myself a total cruise novice. My significant other has been on cruises a few times and when we decided we wanted to take a “relaxing” vacation this spring, the idea of a cruise came up. We did...

iOS 4 is out (UPDATE: Horrible noises) 5

iOS 4 is out (UPDATE: Horrible noises)

As of about 11AM PST this morning, the new iOS 4 was available for download via iTunes. I plugged in my iPhone 3GS, hit “Check for updates” and gave it a whirl. It took about 20 to 30 minutes to do the entire process. That included backing up (8GB), downloading, updating some apps, installing new OS, backing up again, etc.