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User Data for automated RancherOS instances

There are a lot of container management services poping up these days and right now Rancher is my choice in solutions (for the moment). One of the coolest accessories to go with this container ranch is RancherOS. The OS is purpose built to do nothing but Docker and, in fact, runs the few required system services in Docker as well. Comming in at a massive 27MB (For v0.4), it’s a...

Backing up/Migrating PuTTY 1

Backing up/Migrating PuTTY

If you regularly use SSH/Telnet from Windows, you probably use PuTTY.  If you don’t use PuTTY, you either should, or your paying too much.  Anyways, if you use it a fair amount you probably have saved sessions.  While PuTTY doesn’t have an internal mechanism for backing up these settings, it turns out it is very easy.  All the settings are stored in the registry.  There are two easy methods if you...