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Closing my eHarmony Account 7

Closing my eHarmony Account

I first joined eHarmony on February 16, 2007 during a Free President’s Day Weekend event (I later found that they offer free trials during most 3 day weekends). The reasons for joining were myriad, but basically it boils down to this: I don’t go out to certain single-gathering areas and I wasn’t particularly interested in starting (plus another Valentine’s Day by myself didn’t help). During the free weekend, I was...

Ask me about Online Dating 8

Ask me about Online Dating

Recently, I’ve been fielding more and more questions about Online Dating. The most common thing I have heard is that people are scared to try it. I will admit that I was initially a little timid about the concept, but as I discussed previously, I eventually jumped into it and thus far haven’t had any regrets. These days, there are dating sites for just about every dating preference. There’s CougarLife.com...

Online Dating 5

Online Dating

A few years ago I realized that just waiting to suddenly meet someone wasn’t going to work out for me. Despite knowing this for quite some time, I didn’t do anything about it, until I heard about a free trial for eHarmony over President’s Day Weekend. The free trial limited me to 10 matches, and prevented me from seeing any pictures. Met someone interesting on there and decided to sign...