Closing my eHarmony Account

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  1. katie mclean says:

    how can i close this account

  2. Success says:

    It’s amazing my account was closed the same day I paid $174 for six months. I just want my money back

  3. Eugene Bagdon says:

    As far as I can tell eHarmony has no customer services. My account was hacked and stonlen over a week ago and despite my effort to get it fix, nothing has happened. No contact at all with eH after they sent a message saying they change my account per my request (which I did not make.) I have spent a great deal of time trying to find a humor to talk to and all the posted number are not in service. Stay away from eHarmony!

  4. nadinbe kirkland says:

    I am not getting results, so I want to close my account , but eharmony want respond when I go to my acct. settings etc.etc,

  5. Frank Allen says:

    I just joined this eHarmony. It’s not for me. I’ve paid 1 of 3 installments. I don’t want the money back. I just want out now! The account settings, then billing does not have the words cancel subscription or something to that effect is NOT THERE! It says I must first pay all of my fees first before the “cancel my subscription” icon appears. That is BULLCRAP!! PLEASE HELP ME.

    • david says:

      Close the bank account from which you paid the subscription and cancel the credit card. They’ll tell you that you cannot close the profile without first paying the last 2 installments. Even after paying the two remaining installments, the’ll still bill you. It’a a big scam. Close the account. They cannot bill a nonexisting account.

  6. Arnie says:

    You can get 4 months for the price of 3 at eHarmony by using the coupon code ehemma.

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