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Apple vs FBI = Ends vs Means 0

Apple vs FBI = Ends vs Means

In the technology world, the “Apple vs FBI” situation is being hotly debated. Tim Cook put out a memo (and then an FAQ), Google’s all in on supporting Apple, as is Mark Zuckerberg, and even a touch of Microsoft. If Apple’s refusal to help the FBI is so widely supported by the tech community, why does half of America think the opposite? The answer is simple: Most people don’t care...

Please Google, Don’t shame HTTP (yet) 2

Please Google, Don’t shame HTTP (yet)

Last week there was a big hubub around the revelation that “Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted“. People were freaking out and cats and dogs were running loose in the streets. Sheer pandemonium. The reality was that Google didn’t announce it, but someone talking at a conference had the feature flag turned on in Chrome. Google did explain that they wanted to do this eventually for “security”...

AIM gone the way of the phone 0

AIM gone the way of the phone

And by that I don’t mean it does VoIP – I mean that its now recorded. The original entry from Thrashing Through Cyberspace blog. To make a long story short, AIM now reserves the right to do what ever the hell they want with what you say on AIM. There are a few business’s that I’m sure use AIM for communication, no more. Where I worked we used to use...