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Bluetooth is terrible in the real world

Bluetooth is amazingly convenient; Bluetooth is frustrating. Bluetooth is extremely useful; Bluetooth doesn’t work. I could go on like this for quite a spell, but I think everyone gets the idea. For every wonderful thing that Bluetooth gives us, there are just as many downsides. Not that there is any expectation of perfection, but it surprises me how pervasive Bluetooth has become even though it has so many flaws.

A $20 tablet/laptop organizer 0

A $20 tablet/laptop organizer

Do you have several laptops? Multiple iPads? Do you find yourself with an annoying stack of laptops sitting on your desk that you need to play Jenga with every time you need to switch machines? If this is the case you might be living in the most egregious world of #FirstWoldProblems -or- you work in technology. I fall into the latter group and wanted a cost-effective and nice way of...