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Review: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard

Recently Kinesis released the Freestyle Edge which is a new mechanical version of their previous “Freestyle2” split keyboard (which was membrane based). While the Freestyle Edge is advertised for gamers, I think any serious user should seriously consider it. It has most of the critically important features you see on all “ergonomic” keyboards today including split angels, tenting and a lot of adjustability.


Living Room perfection with NVIDIA SHIELD TV

For cord cutters like myself, TV entertainment has been dead for years. I bought a TV out of instinct; every living room I’ve seen has a couch and a TV. Netflix and YouTube lived on my lovely desktop monitors, which allowed for multitasking and not actually watching that video content. However, my living room life changed when I came across the Roku 3 box. This wonderful box allowed me to...

The Steam Controller is here! 0

The Steam Controller is here!

This week saw the first major shipment of the Steam Controllers for those who pre-ordered early. The controllers have been a long time coming as Valve has been talking about their concept units since 2013. As Valve hasn’t been involved in the hardware business in the past, nor is there a solid baseline for what a PC game controller should look like, it wasn’t a surprise for the development cycle...

Building a new Desktop (Gaming) PC: Step 2 – Building 0

Building a new Desktop (Gaming) PC: Step 2 – Building

At this point, I’m assuming that you’ve got your plan all worked out for the desktop PC you’re going to build (if not, go read my last post). I spent about 2 days in the planning stage; it isn’t hard; it’s just a matter of getting all the research done. After all is settled, it’s time to get to the fun part… buying components and building! I’m not going to...