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Setting up a new GitHub repo in TortoiseGit 1

Setting up a new GitHub repo in TortoiseGit

By now you’ve come around to accept that Git Is The Answer. You are a smart cookie and you’ve realized that GitHub Is The Answer (to Git). So you start creating GitHub repos for anything and everything (like me). It’s easy to create a new Git repo under Linux because GitHub tells you how. It’s also super easy to do so on Mac because you’ve got the GitHub client for...

The introduction of PDNSOps2 1

The introduction of PDNSOps2

I’ve not made any mention of PDNSOps since the original blog post back in October 2011. This isn’t for lack of trying, it’s just that the holidays were a busy time and didn’t allow for a lot of programming time. We have made some progress dealing with a bunch of bugs, and we’ve also figured out our future plans for the project.

(Re-)Introducing PDNSOps 9

(Re-)Introducing PDNSOps

For the last few years, my DNS server of choice (when I run my own) is PowerDNS. It is very simple to use, and the ability to run multiple “backends” makes it wonderfully configurable. My choice setup is PowerDNS running the MySQL backend. Of course the question is “How do I manage the MySQL backend?” and that is where PDNSOps comes in.