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NodeJS Module Tutorial: A New Series 0

NodeJS Module Tutorial: A New Series

Recently at work we’ve been busy working on a number of security projects. One of the key projects is having our user directory accessible universally which means LDAP. So we’ve undertaken moving our “Directory of Truth” from Okta to JumpCloud. While Okta provides a good product, JumpCloud provides LDAP-as-a-Service (and RADIUS-as-a-service) which has worked very well in my testing so far. What does this have to do with writing a...

(Re-)Introducing PDNSOps 9

(Re-)Introducing PDNSOps

For the last few years, my DNS server of choice (when I run my own) is PowerDNS. It is very simple to use, and the ability to run multiple “backends” makes it wonderfully configurable. My choice setup is PowerDNS running the MySQL backend. Of course the question is “How do I manage the MySQL backend?” and that is where PDNSOps comes in.

WebDAV Client – Windows 7 4

WebDAV Client – Windows 7

Since I’ve already got Linux & OSX talking to my LDAP/WebDAV enabled Apache, I needed to finish my trifecta… Windows. Specifically, Windows 7. I had heard that it is possible to map WebDAV shares as network drives, just like you would with Samba. Of course, what you hear, what you hope for, and what Windows actually lets you do aren’t always the same (and usually ends with pain).

Apache + WebDav + LDAP = Pure Bliss 14

Apache + WebDav + LDAP = Pure Bliss

As I discussed previously, I got fed up with Samba file sharing (when trying to use LDAP) and went to the joy that was WebDAV. As it turned out, it is extremely easy to get LDAP authentication on Apache and combine that with WebDAV; today I’ll show you how.

Installing & Configuring OpenDS 2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 5

Installing & Configuring OpenDS 2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04

Recently, I’ve needed to setup an open source centralized authentication server. After research and testing some of the options, I settled on OpenDS, and while I’m leery of anything running Java, I’ll admit… OpenDS is really nice. Most importantly, getting it up and running is a piece of cake.