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Video Tutorial: How NOT to package your ESP8266 & BME280

Continuing our series from last week, we’re going to package up the Wemos D1 Mini and the BME280 Environmental sensor on a perfboard, with batteries. Or at least that was the plan until we ran into a software bug… which could have been fixed. Until… well, watch the video and count how many ways this project didn’t go according to plan. If you agree that #LearningIsEducation please leave a like...

Never EVER leave vendors alone (in your server room) 0

Never EVER leave vendors alone (in your server room)

Gather round kiddies and I’ll tell you a story that is 100% true and happened to myself, my team, and my company. Since all humans make mistakes and those shouldn’t be held against them, I will not be naming the parties involved. The moral of the story is the very title of this post, never ever leave vendors alone. Especially never let them alone in the server room. Sure, there...