Video Tutorial: How NOT to package your ESP8266 & BME280

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the advice Jon. I’ve been looking at the options you have mentioned, but that’s probably a bit ambitious for my initial ventures, hence why I found your site in the first place, searching for info on the good old ESP8226, at least if I bust one, it’s not too much money in the ditch! Furthermore, it’s probably best if I work close to base first, on the grow beds and wind energy systems before expanding further in to the fields, that way I won’t be trudging through marshland to reset devices, OTA is definitely something I’ll be requiring in the spec. I like the idea of the redundancy in a mesh network, seem to be heading that way. I like the gear pycom are producing, though they seem to still be in the process of development themselves. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Mike says:

    Brilliant stuff Jon. I’ve only recently stumbled across Obviate and its become a great resource. I’m off grid and looking for ways to automate and control all manner of projects on our 36 acre site. Problem I’m finding is sourcing effective solutions given all the sales pitches out there, for a start, we have a subsistence living off the land, so are unable to afford the much touted ‘peoples iot solutions’. Furthermore, many of the most interesting projects are not well supported so you spend loads of time coding, when really, I would be better off tending the land! So thanks, your failures and successes are much appreciated over here on a freezing windy valley in the UK…keep at it! Cheers. Mike

    • Jon says:

      Glad I could be of help Mike! I can’t say that I have that much space (Apartment in San Francisco is basically the exact opposite of “space”) but I too wish to automate all the things! For that much space the ESP8266 (and wifi) probably aren’t terribly much help. You might consider looking at LoRa/LoRaWAN type gear, such as:

      It’s going to be more expensive than an ESP8266 but it’ll have the range you need. Another option might be something like a zigbee mesh. The more powerful zigbee units should have ~100m range, a string of them should be able to get across the property. Though it would be more devices/power to worry about.

      Interesting challenge!

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