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Hands on with the Acer AC700 Chromebook 7

Hands on with the Acer AC700 Chromebook

Last week, I got my hands on one of the brand spanking new Acer AC700 Chromebooks. I purchased this one over the Samsung Series 5 because the Acer has HDMI out instead of the Samsung’s VGA-via-dongle (it’s not portable if I have to remember 300 doohickeys to attach). My first impression with the unit is a good one. It’s sleek, well designed, and light. In fact, until you open the...

Ubuntu (or any Linux) Install from USB 1

Ubuntu (or any Linux) Install from USB

On Monday I covered how to install Windows 7 via USB drive, but leaving it on it’s own would be unfair to our Open Source brethren.  Fortunately, if you want to make a bootable USB drive (under Windows or Linux) with a copy of Linux, it just just as easy.  All you need is UNetbootin and optionally an ISO of your favorite Linux distribution.

Windows 7 USB install 2

Windows 7 USB install

Even since Vista, Microsoft has made it possible to install Windows via USB drive.  This is extremely useful for those of us that have MSDN and download ISOs direct.  It is also very helpful for those trying to install on a netbook or other optical-less machine. The main problem is that it has been a pain in the ass to setup and prep the USB drives. Guess what? Not any...