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(Re-)Introducing PDNSOps 9

(Re-)Introducing PDNSOps

For the last few years, my DNS server of choice (when I run my own) is PowerDNS. It is very simple to use, and the ability to run multiple “backends” makes it wonderfully configurable. My choice setup is PowerDNS running the MySQL backend. Of course the question is “How do I manage the MySQL backend?” and that is where PDNSOps comes in.

Setting up PowerDNS Server with PowerDNS Recursor 4

Setting up PowerDNS Server with PowerDNS Recursor

I needed an open source DNS solution at work recently, preferably anything but Bind, and it was suggested I use PowerDNS. I had no experience with it, but I was told it was a good product and fairly easy to setup. On top of the DNS Server itself, I need a local DNS caching agent. At this point I had found PowerDNS’s recursor component, along with information that they could...