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AWS’s root contradiction

If you work in the cloud, you’ve probably got an AWS account. It’s not just any account though, it’s the magical “AWS Root Account”. With this root user account, you are imbued with the god-like power to create worlds and smite instances. Your power is only limited by the thickness of your wallet (and the built in service limits). Of course such power should be reserved for only the most...

Doxie Go blinking rapidly – I broke it already? 0

Doxie Go blinking rapidly – I broke it already?

I pulled my favoritest toy out of my computer bag this morning, my Doxie Go. I powered it on to scan something, except… the status light started blinking rapidly. Turned it off, turned it back on, switched to high quality scan mode, I even plugged it into the computer. No matter what I did, it kept blinking. I thought I had broken the unit and was about to be very...