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WebDAV Clients – Linux & OSX 0

WebDAV Clients – Linux & OSX

After getting LDAP, Apache & WebDAV working together in perfect harmony, I needed to get clients accessing the “shares” I was setting up.  Fortunately Linux & OSX make this extremely easy.  Windows… is another story, a story which can only be told… tomorrow.

Apache + WebDav + LDAP = Pure Bliss 14

Apache + WebDav + LDAP = Pure Bliss

As I discussed previously, I got fed up with Samba file sharing (when trying to use LDAP) and went to the joy that was WebDAV. As it turned out, it is extremely easy to get LDAP authentication on Apache and combine that with WebDAV; today I’ll show you how.

Installing & Configuring OpenDS 2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 5

Installing & Configuring OpenDS 2.2 on Ubuntu 10.04

Recently, I’ve needed to setup an open source centralized authentication server. After research and testing some of the options, I settled on OpenDS, and while I’m leery of anything running Java, I’ll admit… OpenDS is really nice. Most importantly, getting it up and running is a piece of cake.

Samba and LDAP DO NOT MIX 4


Recently I was tasked with helping a company implement a centralized authentication system, and they wanted to go all open source. This isn’t unreasonable in my book, though it is a little unusual. Of course the words “Open Source Authentication” directly translates to LDAP, the only question is which LDAP software you’re going to use. There are a number of options including OpenLDAP (slapd), Fedora Directory Server (389), OpenDS, Apache...