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Happy New Year, Now with 50% less slacking off 0

Happy New Year, Now with 50% less slacking off

Lets be honest, 2013 was a fairly bad year as far as the blog here is concerned. I was doing an “OK” job posting through June. In late July I was on vacation (for the first time in several years) which lead to a flurry of posts for July and August. The September came… and things took a turn for the worst. On September 3rd you can read my review...

Review: Gogo Inflight Internet 0

Review: Gogo Inflight Internet

Recently, I took Delta from San Francisco to the midwest which was about a 4 hour flight. Conveniently, the A320 I was on had Gogo Inflight Internet. As this was the first long-ish flight I’ve been on with internet (and I had work to get done), I decided to take it for a spin. Turns out it doesn’t suck nearly as much as I thought (except for the price).