January 2, 2014

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Happy New Year, Now with 50% less slacking off

Lets be honest, 2013 was a fairly bad year as far as the blog here is concerned. I was doing an “OK” job posting through June. In late July I was on vacation (for the first time in several years) which lead to a flurry of posts for July and August. The September came… and things took a turn for the worst. On September 3rd you can read my review of “The Node Beginner Book”, which was something I read while on vacation (and mentioned in the article), however you won’t find another post for the rest of 2013 on the blog. Not good.

Okay. That’s not entirely correct. In the last four months of no posting by me,

John was kind enough to attempt to keep the blog on life support. It’s very noble of him especially seeing as how he fancies himself the copy editor and occasional contributor, not main writer. Writer is supposed to be my job. A job I’ve been failing at, but no more!

Really writing is like any “exercise”, if you do it on a regular basis it’s not that hard — in fact it might even be fun/easy. However, once you get out of the habit, it can be damned hard to get yourself back into full swing. This is the fight I’m having right now and I expect my next few entries will suffer a little bit for it, but damn it I’m going to try to post at least once a week going forward.

So why haven’t I been writing? It’s typically been A) lack of time and B) lack of material. The former has been a major issue with the amount of time I’ve been working. It’s hard to have time to write when you’ve been working 6.5 days a week, 11 hours a day (on average) for a year or two. The last two months have been a fairly sizable change for the department though, there is a lot more help and we’re finally getting our shit together. As for the later, lack of material, well that’s just an excuse. At some points in the life of this blog I’ve been hardcore “Tech only” and other times just writing whatever I feel about. For now I’m shifting back to the “Whatever I feel like” school of thought since I’d rather be waxing philosophically than not writing at all.

So, Happy 2014, let’s get this show started.