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All Quiet on the Blog Front (again) 0

All Quiet on the Blog Front (again)

For those of you who might stop by semi-regularly, you’ve not seen me post in about 4 months. In fact, I’ve not regularly posted since January of this year and John has been carrying the weight. Work has “kept me out of trouble” as they say, or more correctly just been insanely busy. When I’m crazy busy at work I don’t have said time/energy to blog… which is quite unfortunate...

Helpdesk with HelpSpot 3

Helpdesk with HelpSpot

For the last several years I’ve been using RT: Request Tracker by Best Practical for help desk ticket tracking. It’s not a bad piece of a software, and V4 was a fair step forward… but you get what you pay for. RT is Open Source and free. At my new job I was in need of a ticket tracking system, so I went looking for something new, something better, something...