February 17, 2005

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For those of you that haven’t heard the news, Skype is becoming rather popular. Its a ‘P2P’ VoIP/IM/File Trans client. Its P2P in the fact that when party X & Y start a call, the call is not going to a server, its going right from X to Y’s computer (Well, there are sometimes when it uses another party to relay, but those relay’s aren’t servers either, their just other users). I’ve had a lot of use out of Skype recently, and I’m impressed. Its worked on most every computers I’ve heard of (one computer didn’t work because the Mic wasn’t properly configured in Windows, not Skypes fault of course).

Skype also has a feature they call “SkypeOut”. Basically you can use the service (for a small fee) to call landlines. Seeing how the rates are good, and the rest of the service is free, that’s not bad. You also can have conference calls (up to 5 people) and have text chat rooms of up to 50 people. All this with some nice encryption, and it still works well.

And there’s been a good bit of News(.google.com) about it. I personally started using it in the office, now I use it at home to talk to friends because it works and sounds better than cell phones.