April 16, 2005

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Asterisk Manager + Perl + Net::Telnet != Easy

So Asterisk Manager is a telnet service that allows you to control many aspects of Asterisk over telnet. Yea! Now getting it to what you want using Net::Telnet is aparently a different story all together. I spent a number of frustrating hours working on this today, but I can happily say that I got it working. I’m trying to setup something resembling a Call Wake Up service — Not nessarily to sell to the public, but for my own amusement (and to help me wakeup). Right now I have some half assed perl script all hacked up and hooked into crontab on my debian server in the office. If it works right for at least a few days, I’ll figure out if it can be expanded and hooked into MySQL etc (mysql must be used for all projects, big and small).