July 13, 2005

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The world is filled with stupid people

Today on CNN is one of my new fav articles about blogging. Bloggers learn the price of telling too much. Well ya dont say, you mean I shouldn’t post my cell phone number to a blog? What about talking about how much I hate my boss?

God people, put a little sense into what your writting. Blogging news, or bits you learn (like tech stuff) is very very different from essentially having an online journal. You wont see me posting an IP address on this site (of anything I work on, spammers are different), let alone my cell phone number. While I never write my full name on my blog, I dont mind, because I have nothing to hide here. But if someone is going to give their full name, where they work, the name of their boss, and how much they HATE their boss — what do you expect? Of course they are going to find out and bitch slap you back to unemployment.