July 16, 2005

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Not a fan of Debian Unstable

Dont get me wrong — I LOVE Debian testing. I run several servers on Debian testing because I find it is so very stable and so very wonderful. I started my linux’ing in the days of Red Hat 6.0. I never had a graphical OS in 6.0 because it was just so damned hard to get going. Also — installing stuff was a PITA using RPM’s. Always missing dep’s all the damn time. Though apt-get is a savior, for you newb’s that never had to worry about dep’s because you have apt-get or emerge or yum (which still sucks @$$) — you know not the pain.

Regardless, debian unstable is just … icky. Nothing works. I trying to apt-get install KDE, and it couldnt. I managed to get Xorg installed and x-server-common (something like that) so I had a GUI (if you can call it that) — but I kinda like KDE. Though I am open to other sugestions if there is something “better”.

Also — The CD netinstaller for unstable doesnt work. I popped it in the drive, hit enter when the screen came up — and it told me it couldnt find the 2.6 kernel. Rather useless if you ask me.