July 17, 2005

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Books for gun training

So after I talked to my boss Friday, he suggested that I buy a few books (By suggested I mean he said “You _need_ to buy these two books” and proceeded to watch other my shoulder as I surfed the site to buy them. Though — My boss knows what he’s talking about. He’s got a separate wallet just for CCW permits). The books are by Massad Ayoob who is supposed to be one of the best instructors in his field. The two books that were “suggested” were: In the Gravest Extreme and Stressfire. I ordered them and they should be in this week. I may write up a little mini review on them — I’m sure they will be excellent books though.

Also, as for my Walther P22, I previously stated on Snowflakey that I thought the mag ejector was a bit weak. Well I think it was just the particular gun I was playing with. The P22 I bought has a pretty good ejector (though sometimes it seems to get caught and not kick out much) which I am happy with.