September 27, 2005

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Guns are popular

I was just flipping through my site logs for this month and came to the conclusion that guns are much more popular that sys admin stuff — at least thats what the search referers show. The top search’s that come to this site are related to walther p22 (huh, wonder why), gunshows and silencers / supressors.

Aparently there are alot of people intrested in the Walther P22’s (and a few that cant spell Walther — but I dont blame them). Mine is still shiney — which is sad because I haven’t gotten to goto the range recently. Of course by recently I mean at all (with the exception of my CCW certification). I really need to get my ass in gear and go because its going to start snowing soon (I hope). Though the one thing I wish the gun had was a hammer decocker — oh well.