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Review: SOG TK-02 Toothlock Folder 0

Review: SOG TK-02 Toothlock Folder

My everyday carry knife for the last many years has been the Benchmade 630, which I absolutely love. Unfortunately, sometimes I’m a space cadet and forget where I put the knife and thus have no knife for the day. About a year ago I saw the SOG Specialty Knives and Tools TK-02 Toothlock Folder (1/2 Serrated) show up on for a very low price. I thought it was worth...

Review: Safe Shot Indoor Range in Reno, NV 26

Review: Safe Shot Indoor Range in Reno, NV

Safe Shot Indoor Range 9425 Double R Blvd Reno, NV 89521 775-284-8984 Very short summary: DO NOT GO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Ultra Expensive. Ultra Black Lung.

Remember, always trust what you read on the net. 1

Remember, always trust what you read on the net.

It amuses some of the information I find on the Internet. Just remember everyone, you should believe everything you read on the net. Especially if its a “how to” guide, and the authors bio sounds authentic – because they’ll know what they are talking about. (As a note, I make no claim that every piece of info in this blog is correct. Its all my personal expediences. Like the subtitle...

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Show this weekend was actually decent. Its as small as I remember, but this time around it seemed to have more “useful” stuff, not a bunch of antiques. Granted there was only 2 decent tables of new guns, I did find a Beretta 96. If I had the spare money I would have bought it just to irritate Goupil. Anyways, there was alot of useful accessories. I even found a...

Crossroads of the West 0

Crossroads of the West

Well, tomorrow the Crossroads of the West gun show is in Reno, in the convention center. While I’m not going to be impressed, or probably even finding anything of interest, I’ll go. I’ve found previously that this show is mostly collectibles, relics, and antiques. Oh well, maybe something of interest will show up (a Katana perhaps ?)