October 2, 2005

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HD-DVD and be done.

After Intel and M$ anounced they were backing HD-DVD all hell has broken loose. I’m so damned tired of the argument between HD & Blu-Ray. Thankfully I’m not old enough to have been involved in Beta/VHS match. This generation of video disks needs to get their damned act together. I have to say I hope HD-DVD wins. Yes Blu-Ray holds more data, but its much more expensive to make the disks (much) and they rely and some new fancy scratch proof coating to basically be usable what so ever. I’d like a new disk that still relativly compatable with the old stuff (aka HD->DVD->CD). Blu-Ray is just going to make shit more expensive (players, disks, etc).

I dont care how they get the fight over with — it can be hand to hand for all I care. But settle for one god damned format and stick to it — this fight is only going to screw US — the consumers.